Cool Math Tests

Welcome to the section “Math Tests”. In this section of the website, you’ll find mathematical tests on different categories. In each of them there’s a set of tests: easy, intermediate and difficult ones. Start from the easy ones. If you pass them without any problem, you can do intermediate tests and then check your knowledge on more difficult tests.

After the test you’ll get a score that you can share on your Facebook. If your friends don’t know about our website yet, invite them. Learning math together is a lot of fun. You can compete who passes the test faster and you’ll help each other to learn our lessons.

The tests on the website have two modes - online and offline one. In the online mode, you can pass a test on your computer or mobile device. At the end, you’ll get a note. In the offline mode, you can generate tests and tasks in the PDF format and print them in order to solve at school or at home afterwards. The offline mode is also good for math teachers. The teacher can generate an unlimited amount of tests and tasks for all the students in the class. In the offline mode, you can set the student’s name who this test is for.

Are you ready to get excellent score?