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Welcome to the section “Math Lessons”. In this section of the website, there are math lessons of different categories. Math for children, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry. We tried to spread the lessons by the difficulty of learning from children who only began to learn mathematics up to more advanced readers.

Carl Gauss - one of the most brilliant mathematicians of all times - called mathematics “the queen of sciences”. You can’t debate this definition. We’re surrounded by math, it is connected to all spheres of our human activity from buying at the supermarket to sending spaceships to other planets. It is hard to ignore math in the modern world. Without it, we would not have mobile devices, computers, Internet and bitcoins that are very popular nowadays.

Our goal is to show everyone that mathematics is not as difficult as it seems. During our lessons you’ll get into a wonderful world where you will find answers to many questions. We’d like all the people on Earth to study mathematics. Perhaps you will become a famous mathematician in the future or you will invent the time machine or make any other discovery that changes the world. Go ahead and study, my friend!

Math For Kids

In this category, you will learn about mathematics. You will find out what numbers are and learn the operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.

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